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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered - Mild and Full Flavor

Authetntic & Flexible

Growing up, I could never eat Zaatar with my friends & family, because of my sesame seed allergy. Now I'm finally able to enjoy this delicious herb without worry.

Best Olive Oil I have ever tasted

Taste like a fruit, not oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered - Mild and Full Flavor

Whole family loves it.

Wonderful product. Reliably gluten free! Just put it on everything :)

Reminds me of home

This is some fresh stuff. It tastes like the zaatar I remember, there are no fillers. Only wish it wasn’t so expensive, but it is imported, so I get it.

Zaatar and Sumac

I gave these items as a gift. They are being enjoyed tremendously. One person is from Iraq. I also use these products, enjoying the extra seasonings on the foods prepared. Thank you.

The absolute best zaatar!

Very fragrant which makes everything taste better...from fish to pasta!

Good color bad taste

It looks beautifully unfiltered but the taste is not good

Great Authentic Zaatar!

This Zaatar is the best I have ever had. I appreciate the information on the website too. I was looking for a Zaatar without citric acid or wheat and with authentic Hyssop and this is it. I don’t eat bread but especially like it sprinkled on roasted vegetables or coating baked chicken thighs. The shipping was really quick.

Love your zitaar!!!

and, I love your olive oil!!!!!

Great product!

So delicious! And I followed your recipe for turkey meatloaf, it came out great, everyone loved it. A new family fav. Thank you!


Im was so thrilled to find salt free so that I can add my own celtic salt in the amounts I like.

Zaatar Salt Free-- Absolutely Delicious!!!!

I ordered the Zaatar Salt Free Blend. I figured that I could always add my own salt to taste, making this a better value. It is so delicious in oil for bread dip & in steak marinade!!! I will definitely be ordering more.

Zaatar and Olive Oil Pair
ernest h.
Taste of the Mediterranean

Best Zaatar that I've found, and the people are great.!!

So great to enjoy Zaatar without the sesame seeds

The title says it all. It still has the same great taste.

Very nice mild flavor!

At first the taste is surprisingly light, but it is distinctly olive flavor. Not the peppery spicy flavor in some other oils. Reminds me of those mild yummy black olives I use in salads.


This is the absolute best Zaatar found anywhere. It’s the real deal. Little on the pricy side but you get what you pay for. Very clean.


The za’atar I received was far superior to any I’ve had before.
It is packed with flavour and retains some of the natural moisture.
I would not hesitate to recommend it!

Zaatar’s classic blend is the best tasting to bake mankooshi with

I love this Zaatar blend
The best Lebanese blend of herbs

Very fragrant

It smells wonderful and we are enjoying it on our grilled flatbreads! Look forward to finding more uses for it. Seems very fresh and a definite difference from any I have gotten locally.

Great Flavor and quality

The Za atar is much more flavorful than what I can get at the grocery store. I use it daily. It adds so much to every dish I use it in from roasts to baked chicken. I use this Za atar mixed with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the smoothest I have ever tasted, when I eat baguette bread and cheese. (wine included) It makes a great simple and light meal.

Zaatar Herb - Syrian Oregano

Great product...exactly what I was hoping for...fresh and fragrant...

Delicious Olive Oil!

Ordering and shipping were easy and quick and we love the delicious delicate taste of this extra virgin olive oil. Will definitely order again.

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