• Thyme Tea - Loose Leaf Za'tar (Hyssop - Origanum Syriacum) - Lebanese Oregano Tea
  • Thyme Tea - Loose Leaf Za'tar (Hyssop - Origanum Syriacum) - Lebanese Oregano Tea
  • Thyme Tea - Loose Leaf Za'tar (Hyssop - Origanum Syriacum) - Lebanese Oregano Tea

Thyme Tea - Loose Leaf Za'tar (Hyssop - Origanum Syriacum) - Lebanese Oregano Tea

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Perfect for tea making as well as flavorful sprinkle on salads and other foods, even vanilla ice cream!  This is same zaatar herb ingredient in our zaatar blends, but not ground, and hand/well sifted.  It offers strong and sharp flavor due to its high essential oil content.

Key Points,

  • Loose Leaf Tea of Za'tar (Zaatar) Herb. Scientific Name: Origanum Syriacum, also known as Wild Thyme, Biblical Hyssop, Syrian or Lebanese Oregano.
  • The Pouch (2 OZ net weight) makes about 40 servings of 8 OZ cups, using a packed tablespoon of tea leaf. Steep in hot water for about 2 to 3 minutes using strainer.
  • Therapeutic, Soothing, and Naturally Unsweetened Mint Herbal Tea that Combines Flavors of Fresh Thyme, Oregano, and Marjoram.
  • Potent Flavor because of its High Essential Oil Content including Thymol Essential Oil, followed by Carvacrol and other Compounds
  • Enjoys an Enduring Middle Eastern Heritage for Health Benefits Dating Back to Biblical Times - "Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be pure.." Psalm 51:
  • In addition to Herbal Tea, it makes Delicious Spicy Minty Sprinkle on Salads, Yogurts, Cheeses, and endless possibilies
  • Grown Organically and Sustainably by Small Farm Cooperative in Lebanon. Packaged in USA for Quality Control Standard

Customer Reviews

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I am now a fan of Zaatar!

Everything was perfect with my order from the shipping, quality, and taste of this product. I know this review is for the tea leaves, but my favorite is now the Zaatar blend with sumac. The loose leaf taste great as well! I am now a lifelong Fan of Zaatar.


The reason I give 3 star is, I have receive my item very late but I am happy with the product

A pleasant, not over powering tea

I'm always on the lookout for new herb teas. So when I bought some Zaatr & spotted this tea I had to try some. It has a pleasant, slightly grassy/woodsy taste that is not too intense. It is a little bitter which I also like but I do add a touch of good honey occasionally. I also found it has medicinal uses. It will relieve occasional indigestion, among other things. It makes a nice morning tea & a pleasant after dinner tea with a bit of honey.

Versitile Zaatar

I bought a bag of hyssop, sold ostensibly as a tea, although I bought it in order to make my own zaatar from scratch. The herb has an unusual peppery flavor, but that does not get at the complexity of the taste. The zaatar blend I made with this hyssop as the foundational herb was excellent. I prepared potato wedges, dressing them with olive oil and my zaatar mix, for some thirty people. These trays of potatoes -- real soul food -- were gone in no time! I also received a complementary sample pack of premixed zaatar which is excellent. My next culinary plan is to try dressing a loaf of bread with it. Instead of garlic bread, I'll make zaatar bread. Highly recommended!

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